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(Future generations are depending on us)


August 2, 2016
St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Tax increase proposal

Valuable information for all communities! Series:  TruthJusticeForAll

 Police & Fire millage:    What City Hall doesn't want you to know HANDOUTS
Episode 1:     Accounting Tricks (2:55)
Episode 2:     Whistleblower Blocked (3:20)
Episode 3:    
Headlee: The Taxpayer's Protector (3:26)
Episode 4:  Initial Deception 2004/5   [coming soon]
 Episode 5:  Staff Levels - Hocus Pocus
  [coming soon]
 Episode 6:  Where The Money Went
  [coming soon]

 Solution 1:  Stop "Rainy Day Dipping"
  [coming soon]
Solution 2:  Videotape Contract & Budget Negotiations  [coming soon]
 Solution 3:  Exploratory Resident-sided Independent Negotiator (ERIN)
  [coming soon]

City Hall wants you to believe it is "exclusively" for Police and Fire
It isn't... because the money goes into the General Fund.

See why in Episode 1:  Accounting Tricks (2:55)




"All truth passes through 3 stages:
FIRST, it is ridiculed
SECOND, it is violently opposed
THIRD, it is accepted as being

~Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

Future generations are counting on us to be informed voters.  No matter what we hear in the media, we must seek out the truth for ourselves and sometimes fight for that truth.  We must remember history's past successes and failures, and learn from them.  We must be informed on the issues that impact our daily lives and informed on the candidates who vote to spend our hard-earned tax dollars.

But all too often we, the public, do not receive all the information or the truth to make informed decisions for ourselves and our families. We watch the news or try to keep up on current events but the truth is....we really do not know what is going on behind closed doors with government at the local, school, county, state, and federal levels.

When voting, especial in local or school elections, we have a tendency to not know who we are voting for, their past voting record, or how their decisions have impacted our community in the past.  Like many citizens we do our civic duty.  But we do not know about the candidate or the issues and vote blindly:

                         ~ We vote for the person who ... has the most lawn signs
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... went to school with our family member or neighbor
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... our parents or friends want us to vote for
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... has or does not have children
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... we received literature from at the polls
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... is a female (or a man)
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... has a familiar or friendly last name
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... is an Italian, Latino, Caucasian, etc.
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... comes to a lot of events or who we have met in person
                         ~ We vote for the person who ... we received a lot of mail from 


This is an educational site to hopefully help you easily decipher and understand misleading stories about issues from the media, people, elected officials, or special interest groups who just want power or your money/tax dollars.  We hope that by understanding the motivation behind issues, it will help empower you, instead of frustrating you.

You will be provided with simple tools to get to the truth when faced with amazing stories and/or headlines that are so horrific that they spur you into action or move you to tears.

We will look at a few local issues from a former Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem in Michigan who continues to be a very vocal advocate for truth and justice for the residents and taxpayers around her hometown. 

  1. We will have you follow the money, power, or perks 
  2. See for yourself the powerful influences behind the decisions (the ones our elected officials make on our behalf)
  3. How to get to the truth with statistics and dollar figures...and why we tend to believe what we are told   
  4. We will also look at the impact on us today and on future generations
  5. And finally some simple solutions 


This great book sheds some light on the subject of TRUTH:

Media, elected officials, schools, government employees, unions, etc.... 
believing the lies and our lack of a demand for honesty, integrity,
accountability, and the truth are actually killing us.

'How Do You Kill 11 Million People?  by Andy Andrews
            Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think'

One of the simple solutions is searching for the truth ourselves and standing up and speaking that truth...

Where would we be without the courage of Giordano (Filippo) Bruno in the 1500's? 
He told people the truth...the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the universe.  The results...

        • Giordano was FIRST ridiculed,
        • then SECOND violently opposed (resulting in him being burned at the stake February 17, 1600),
        • and later THIRD this truth is accepted as being self-evident.

Who else do you know who risked so much in order that the truth be known?

(Citizens Opposing Unfair Needless Taxes)
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